There are a bunch of different terms to describe the type of routes and rides we share here on BOQ.BIKE. Maybe you’ve heard “gravel biking” or “bikepacking” to name a few. In our minds, it’s all Adventure Cycling, so we’ll use the phrase as an encompassing term to describe dynamic routes with varied terrain.

Our definition of adventure cycling is simple: "We'll ride anything but traffic!"

This means we design routes that avoid car traffic as much as possible, and therefore prioritize routing that cars wouldn't take. We may traverse rough terrain, and occasionally various obstacles that the typical automobile wouldn’t manage.

An easy gravel ride might include some gravel backroads to connect quieter pavement roads. A moderate ride might include some rail trail riding or an ATV connector trail. A harder ride could include loose surfaces for extended distances. route/event names may have several terms associated with the route. We've come up with our own Route Types to help you plan your ride based your abilities. We’ve listed their definitions below.

Route Types:


  • established gravel route that most likely has chipseal, and unpaved sections.
  • lots of flat sections
  • consistent climbing
  • 1-2 challenging climbs
  • less than half as much climbing as compared to distance traveled


  • established gravel route that most likely has unpaved roads and/or dirt trails
  • fewer flat sections
  • consistent climbing
  • multiple challenging climbs
  • rare steep offroad climbs
  • up to 1:1 elevation gain:distance traveled


  • testing out a new route or possible new additions to a route. Also may contain unknown gravel category. Once the route is “explored” an established route will be created with notes of hazards.
  • consistent climbing
  • multiple challenging climbs
  • occasional steep offroad climbs
  • potentially more elevation gain than distance traveled


  • a gravel route 70 kilometers or longer usually pulling together multiple shorter routes.
  • you better love climbing
  • very challenging
  • steep is normal
  • twice as much elevation gain as distance traveled

Fine Print

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