Welcome to bayofquinte.bike! We noticed you're new around here, so we're just popping into your inbox to introduce ourselves.

We're Adam and Laura: we've spent the last several year putting our utmost care into developing these routes so that we can share them with our community. We're glad to see you're along for the ride, so here we're sharing our best advice for getting the most out of our bayofquinte.bike route library.

Why We Use RWGPS for Route Planning + Community Building

First things first: having the Ride With GPS app on your phone is the key to keeping your bayofquinte.bike rides on track. We know--there are loads of ride tracking apps out there. Some apps are made for general activity tracking for multiple sports, while others are specifically made for cycling. The good news is, the top apps you might already be using will play nicely with RWGPS (we're looking at you, Strava fam) and we promise you'll see the full value of this tool right away.

PS: RWGPS is free, and you'll get additional benefits for free when you become a member of bayofquinte.bike's club.

🖼 Picture this: it's a beautiful day, and you've picked a perfect County route and invited a few friends along for a group ride. This is how lots of our summer Sunday rides start out. The paces within the group are varied by a couple of kph, and you find that the folks at the start of the pack are often waiting at intersections for the rest of your friends to appear so that they know where to turn.

📍 Let's sort this out so that everyone knows how to confidently get from point A to point B...

🪄 On your next ride, everyone has a RWGPS account and is a club member of bayofquinte.bike. You pick a route and everyone taps "Navigate" when the ride begins. You set off at your own preferred paces and trust that each rider will know when to turn and what to watch out for along the way, and you all trickle in to the patio of your favourite brewery at the end of the ride...

RWGPS is not only a tracking app, it's also a route creation tool. Plus, it now includes explore functionality, which lets users view a map of all the suggested routes in an area and choose the one that suits them.

Tap "Explore" from your RWGPS home page to see all public routes in your designated region.

We use it to put our local knowledge to work, sharing the best cycling routes with our bayofquinte.bike members and adding club events ranging from casual group meetup rides to charity fundraising tours. Beyond that, it can be used as a messaging tool for finding friends to ride with in the area.

Set preferences to receive notifications when other members message the club.

Why You'll Want To Become A Club Member

Having a free account on RWGPS is a great step toward improving your ride experience, and its functionality becomes exponential when you become a member of bayofquinte.bike's club. We've invested in this infrastructure so that folks in our community and beyond can use our routes in offline mode, as well as get turn-by-turn navigation (without having to pay for a monthly membership yourself.)

As a club member, you'll be able to access bayofquinte.bike's entire club route library, events, and collections at any time, participate in upcoming club challenges, and sync routes wirelessly with Garmin, Wahoo, or other devices.

Once you're a member, switch into club mode by clicking "Organizations" on your home page.

✅ Voice Navigation

Use the Ride with GPS app to get spoken turn-by-turn directions for your routes. Keep your head up and enjoy the ride. Download your routes to your phone, put it in airplane mode, and navigate for hours without having to worry about your battery life.

✅ Live Logging

Share your rides in real time with RWGPS' live logging feature. Directly link friends and family to your ride so they can follow along, or post a link to your ride directly to social media. The app will read comments aloud in real time, so your followers can cheer you on from anywhere in the world.

✅ Print Map PDFs

Basic subscribers can generate and print PDF files of any route and cuesheet with just a few clicks. Customize the map zoom level and cuesheet options, and get a printable PDF file in seconds.

How To Use RWGPS as a Club Member

1. If you haven’t already, download the Ride with GPS mobile app from iTunes or the Google Play Store.

2. Tap this link to instantly become a member of the bayofquinte.bike club.

3. Explore the club page to find new routes and upcoming events.