Adventure routes are made up of mixed surfaces. Although you can rely on that, it's still nice to know what you can expect to encounter. Of course we can try Google Earth, or GAIA GPS, but sometimes the images are outdated. New tech from Ride with GPS allows us to see surface type changes throughout a route. I noticed that some routes I'd have thought to be about 90% paved and 10% gravel were more like 60% gravel 40% paved. I can't believe how far off my guesses were.

There are three surface type categories:
-Paved – Paved surfaces include asphalt, concrete, and chip seal. Paved surfaces are shown as a solid line.
-Unpaved – Unpaved surfaces include gravel, dirt, cobblestones and natural/unimproved trails. Unpaved surfaces are shown as a dashed line.
-Unknown – When there is insufficient data available about a surface it will show up as unknown. Unknown surfaces are shown as an outlined white line.

NOTE: We will updating our route summaries for accuracy. We will also publish a how to use BOQ.BIKE routes on RWGPS, or your favourite bike computer! 
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