Climb up Macaulay Mountain on the north side to avoid the weekender traffic on Hwy 33: it’s back road secrets like these that keep the locals sane during the high season. By the time you reach the Lake on the Mountain, you might be ready for a quick water break, and the park is the perfect place to pause.

Next up is a series of crossroads that slice up the Waupoos horn to get you where you need to go. Keller’s, Roses and Bongards are in the cue sheet, but if you feel inclined, you can keep on Cty Rd 7 and 8 out to Cressy and back. One guarantee: you won’t get lost!

Stop at Clafeld Cider for amenities (out here, cider is an amenity) and if you’ve caught the right weekend, peep the famous hollyhock flowers that edge the road.

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