🐍 This is what I look like coming DOWN the Slake Snake… ☃️

Saturday, November 26 is all about the uphill. If you look at it one way, the more climbs you attempt, the more times you get to roll down.

We’re watching registrations roll in and getting excited to see everyone at Slake Brewing. In the meantime, we thought we’d help paint a picture of the hill climb and why we want to see you there, for those who are still on the fence about riding.

About registration: We want to see as many participants as possible, and we understand that many of you may not consider yourselves to be “competitive”. Our Open Category is designed for ANY rider to show up with a bike and make their attempt. No registration necessary - just show up and ride. For those with their eyes on the prize - please register so we know you’re up for the Knockout Challenge. Registration can be done all the way up until the event start time. Beyond prizes for the winners, there is a beer in it for you no matter how you perform.

For spectators: Hill Climbs are a great event to watch because the whole course is within sight, and heats happen relatively quickly. We hope you’ll join us with some friends to cheer on the brave riders while they climb the Slake Snake. Bundle up and join us by the hill for some warm beverages or a cold one!

At 10 AM, the open category starts. You don’t need to start right then: arrive anytime between 10-11:30 to be part of the open field and get the chance to qualify for the finals. This is for everyone: if you’re planning to ride, park in the lot, then roll down the hill on your bike to our @konacanada tent at the bottom of the driveway (warm drinks + good vibes start here!) Spectators can also watch from the sidelines or perch in the brewery and watch from above.

When you’re ready to ride, start recording in Strava (you’ll need it running to track your time on the segment) and then take your first run at the Slake Snake. The entire segment is about 300m long, so there’s plenty of time to take multiple attempts during the open field depending on how early you arrive. The cutoff for the Knockout Challenge is at 11:30 AM, when we’ll identify the top 8 times of the day so far.

At 12 PM, the Knockout begins. We’ll send the top 8 riders up in pairs of 2, with the winner of each pair reaching the semi-finals, and then the top two facing off at the end. We’ll be wrapped by 12:30 and ready for some Rebel Taco chili at the top!